Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joys and Laughs

Spent 3 days 2 nites in Perak, back to home at last. One day in Teluk Batik, was wonderful. We, spilt into two teams, were playing ball in Water Park.
Moss covered the underneath wall.
everyone targetted to goal, was our only aim.
We stood on the moss , very slippery like a fish.
My team lost.
U know why ?
Opponents were too aggressive in attacking.
We never had the chance to win at all.
Somemore my team mates were too tiny compared to them. Haha... even there was a little bit disappointment, but it was fun. Hehe..

The night came, we were singing karaoke in the bar. Drinking beer and having fun there.
Then, went to Pangkor Jetty.
Nice views, it gave me an strong impression.
It seemed i was reaching to the F1 circuit sepang. The building's roof looked alike.
Took photographs there.
Ways back to first year , we were posing at exactly the same place in jetty. Guys, takeout the photograph taken then u would remember and notice the differences. Four years had changed Who we are today!

Another day, we spent in my friend, JiaXun's house.
HIs house became our mansion for 11 persons.
So, u could imagine how big is it.
Haha. In his house, we played mahjong and watching tv shows.
While the sun was going to set, we paid a visit to "hutan paya bakau", Mangrove.
Monkeys were actively moving around there.
And there was "hanging bridge" .

Had seafood as dinner and then heading down to the small circuit.
Played Fun Cart, enjoyed the moment driving the car with "300km speed".
haha, it was too exaggerated. Impossible to have a speed that fast.
Just a faster speed than we played in Genting Highland.

Too excited, and back to our mansion, played mahjong again.
That was a night spent in Ayer Tawar.

"Trip with Joys and Laughs"

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Collages of Those memorable snapshots taken on First Day IN BALI.

Haha.. even our memory in brain will be deleted in the 10 or 20 years future.
This could be the permanent unbeatable memory card or thumbdrive for us.

Just insert IT into our brain and it would automatically pop out these memories.. .

FROM Woeiguang '09

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bali- Day 3

250509, early morning, someone knocked our room to wake us up. I was unconscious that time, didn't bother of any distraction, continued to sleep. Haha.. Soo Lai served the person and then fall down on bed too.. Haha..

5 minutes later.....

"Pong, pong, pong......" wow, it sounded someone was going to break in if we ignored it.

HAHa.. AT last, surrendered!!! [if not, we will get killed and Raped] HAHA.... we'd breakfast and waited for tour guide. My hat lost unnoticed in restaurant, gotta be the slave of sun soon...

TOday was the "TEmple DAY" for us, visited to almost all of the temples in BALI. [only famous and well-known of its antiquity]

The main entrance of TAMAN AYUN temple. AYun itself means BEautiful.. IT's a beautiful garden temple.. hehe.. surrounded by the ponds, seemed like floating on the water.

"In the town of Mengwi is the great royal temple of Pura Taman AYun. The temple served as the family temple of the Mengwi dynasty, whose kingdom survived until the late 1800s. The temple is famous of its exquisite wooden merus or pagoda like shrines."

We couldn;t enter to the temple, just could surround and see the temple. Picture below (left) was the places for their gods and goddesses.

This was the garden. a Big compound!!

Ladies with menses are not allowed to enter!! Remind Yourself, Don't get YOurselt a Regret!
For man, definitely not a problem.

Coming up NExt!! Soon..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bali - Day 2

240509 such a special DAy tODAY. If there was TIME machine, rewinding the time back to past 23 yEARS, I was jst a newborn baby, with two holding tight fists and crying sound, that came to this Amazing World, to experience "HOw Do HUMAn LIVe HERE!!".

NOw back to the real, neither to the past nor future, I'm not Kyle REese. Today was my second day vacation in BALI. IN such a sunny, lovely morning, TOur GUide, MR. Omar, brought us to NUSA DUA beach. What 's NEXT??? Definitely not telling u FIrst..

At Nusa DUa beach , it's time for WaterSport Games.

"Ready guys? Let's go!!!"

"Not Yet"

Oops.. gotta bargain for the Best ever PRice. Finally bid for a 50% discount, thought could get more than that (My big DAY), for THREE Games, FLYFIsh, parasailing, and TUrtle island with glassboat. This package cost us RM170 per pax, including an album of FOUr, directed by MR. XXX, taken while we were playing.

[50% Discount???? WOw, it's Great, isn;t it?? True unveiled!!! Actually that was the normal pRice after browsing browser and found out at that night. HAha.. GEt Cheated!! YEAh... ]

LEft was FlyFish. We were flying in the Sky. Cool breeze blowing to our face and body, salty water tasted in lips. THat feel was COOL!! BUt, it was short, just two rounds surrounded the island.

No worry, could fly once again---- Parasailing.

INstructors, beach boys, taught us the rules and regulation what to be followed and not to be.

"RUn few feets distance while starting. Then, pull the colored-rope, blue or red, hard with full body strength for landing after seeing the signal given by instructor."

PUlling wrong rope would definitely land in the sea!! haha.. LUckily 4 did a good job!! Well done!

Last activity in NUsa Dua beach was heading to the turtle island With GLass bottom Boat! Glass boat signified that corals, marine living could be seen through naked eyes on BOat! THat's true, small glass at the bottom of the boat. BUt, hardly to see the corals. What a sad day! sighed...

15 minutes to get there. 4 started to Capture pictures inside the boat. " Chik-cha. chik-cha...." could u imagine HOw many photos captured within 15 minutes shooting on the boat??? Snapshots of fours, seeing the sea, wandering, feeling the breeze and sunrays, and etc.... (Naked -----THe most breaking News!!!) Haha...

IN turtle island, posed with turtles undoubtly. Haha.. This island is a breeding-factory for turtle. After turtle laid eggs, hatched in the sand, little turtle are not returning to the nature of sea. They are grown up by man there. Haha..

TUrtle island is extraordinary, not only turtle, there are others animals, like owls, bats, snake, lizards (biawak). They are in extra-big size, not the size we used to see. Had a precious moment with animals.

Feeling exhausted and dehydrated. It's Time for restoring energy. Ordered 4 coconuts, freshly prepared on the spot, extemporaneous products.. haha.. sipping the coconut drink while enjoying the seaview under a beach hut was so relaxing.

Wetted in Nusa Dua, then moved on to the next destination--- GAruda Wisnu's Kencana (GWK). It was conceived to be a culture center and event park. SOMe artist's concerts were hold at here. We strolled around at the cultural park. WE'd viewed the Vishnu Statue, and HIS BIRD-Garuda. Vishnu statue was armless, HIS arms were located at the Main Entrance of GWK.

TOur guide told us it was under construction still, not completely done yet. AT the end, the Vishnu will be riding on his bird (if i ain;t mistaken ).

Apart from this strikingly impressive statues, there was stone carving too. MAn had carved "fairy" story, could be their own supersitions on the wall of stone moutain. Haha.. But, i couldn't appreciate it because i'd no idea on it. Maybe one could tell me in the future.

HAHa..... it was damn hot, sweat profusely, took a drink and headed to Padang padang Beach.
Muscular men were surfing (i didn't see any succeed case yet), perfect figures ladies were sunbathing. Haha.. DRooling ................ embarassed to have a look. So, just had a quick and short stay at there.. Haha....

UPnext was heading to Uluwatu Temple to see SUNSET.

{Bali's sunset was different. What was it? LEt me check it out and tell u next....... }

Guys, u know wat had happened in Uluwatu?"

wow... attacked by monkey.

"Terminator-- MonkeyNEt"
had shown. Let me showed it.. Hehe..

Two's bottom were molested by monkey. Haha.. Min ee was thinking who was the one molested hers. She was suspecting on Chun Wei. IT was the funniest thing for me.. Haha..

[A picture explains thousand words, let's the proof talked itself!!! Guys, have a look on the Picture!!! haha... ]

Monkeys crowded at Uluwatu temple, their natural habitat. They were very aggresive and bit mentally unstable, attacking the visitors, stealing things like accessories found in man, ear-rings, specs, hats, scarfs .......

THing found out at here was-- when ever visitors' stuffs were stolen, balinese people would try their best to get back it by exchanging with food.

The story Hadn't came to END yet!!! Balinese people will returning it back to the owners, and.... would gEt Tips as reward. HAHA...

KInd people were seldomly found in this WOrld! Haha.. Most of People live with PUrpose ( For own -benefits) !! Hopefullly i would meet people who always do something for non-profits purposes... GOsh, i'm dreaming. HAHa....

Failed to see the sunset.. HAHa...
"NO sunset, So SAD!"

Battle was won by Monkey. We made a move to Jimbaran.. Haha.. What's this place For???

Haha.. seaview dinner.. Had seafood dinner by the beach.

That moment i was thinking how great it is if i would have seafood in Sekinchan!! HAHa.. IT was damn expensive here, i could make it for two at hometown. HAha.. But, it was worth because ............ nice seaview and live bands.......

Somemore the band sang a birthday song to me too.. {Of course needed to pay}

Melody of "Selamat panjang umur.... selamat panjang umur......" ended the Day...........

ANother pretty day, coming soon...... Haha....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bali - DAy 1

My memory towards the BALi trip was getting lesser and lesser.. Now, i try to squeeze whatever memory leftover in my little brain in writing this trip experience... hehe.. HOpefully it would be in complete form..... HAha...

The days started...............................

230509 was the day i arrived at BALi, indonesia. After putting down luggage at HOtel, i walked along the KUTA street and eyes hunting restaurant for lunch. THis street is very narrow , only has a width of a car. Traffic congestion could be seen here. HOrning sounds of cars can always be heard at any single moment. HAha.. "po.. po.. po.." sometimes it is annoying. But actually, there is meaning behind it. It is a signal to the car driver that the car behind is going to cut it through..

Lunch at SENDOK restaurant, took a BINTANG beer then walked down to the LEgian Street. Here we reached the Bali bombing monument. I posed in front of the Bali Bombing monument. There is a marble wall with the name of victims, mostly were australian and brazilian (according to tour guide).

BINTANG beer, locally produced in INdonesia.
IT tasted like HEineken.

With the guidance of map, we walked down to KUTA beach. Along the way, there were MAny PUbs, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and galleries line up the streets. That is true, KUta is the centre of night life activities......KUta beach is really famous, crowded with tourists and local people... stretches as far as the eyes can see in picture. hehe.. FOur strolled along the beachside wtih naked legs. Four turned into child in a sudden, splashing the water by leg...

SKy darkened even it's just 6 evening.. It's time to move on to other destination..... hehe.. NExt station-------- Matahari Supermart Or Discovery MAll???? Hard decision... OH my god... Some complained lactic acid had been accumulated in leg muscles, couldn't walk any farther... The rest just said, "LEt's go both". HAHa... I was sure someone had been thinking of faint at that moment. AT LAST, we went to discovery mall, found out it was just an ordinary shopping mall. NO shop selling groceries, was the only difference. Actually, we just wanted to buy some junk foods and beers...

THree guys standing in front the trademark of Discovery MaLL. I'd no idea on what was the thing behind us.. Could be an ART!! No wonder i couldn't appreciate it.. hehe..

GUys, guess what i was holding in my hand.... hehe.. IT's ROTI BOY..... roti boy.... Yummy!!

AGAIN, walked to Matahari supermart.. Walk was the cheapest way to experience the Night view in KuTA. Grabbed Beers, Pringles, Fruits, coke, sprite and some stuffs i'd forgotten.. Haha..
It's TIMe to become "Millionaire", made payment in counter, paying hundreds thousands... wow.. that feel was.................... HAHa..

"When I could have MIlllions USD!!!!!"

Time to back Hotel!! Someone's thought popped out " Finally, finally can have rest". Took a taxi back to Hotel . We all thought taxi driver would give back the balance, who knows ? hehe.. Then, Just LET it . THat's their balinese style.. hehe..

12 midnight was my birthday. Haha.. celebrating in hotel, drinking, chatting, eating and watching Balinese TV PRogramme---- Sekolah Hantu!!!! wow..... That's the NIGht!!! Quite enjoying such moment.... FIrst TIme had my birthday IN BALi .. THanks for those gifts (could be an action or a rigid thing) and wishes .. Appreciated it very much. Haha....